30th Anniversary of ARTISTS AT HOME

13-15 June 2003

Introduction By Mary Fedden

When my late husband, Julian Trevelyan, and I first opened our studio to the public one summer Sunday in 1973, we never realised we would be starting a local tradition. We had been asked to open by Hammersmith and Fulham Council, who enticed us with a £5 grant for tea and biscuits. Much to our surprise, the day was a huge success, with over 100 visitors. They were appreciative of our work, but equally interested to see inside these mysterious studios!

We continued to open every year, and gradually more and more artists joined in the scheme, with the Hobby Horse, the artists’ supplier in King Street acting as co-ordinator. For a while, until the crowds became overwhelming, the scheme was combined with the open gardens weekend. It was great fun to see people making a day of it, wandering between gardens and studios along the river, laden with plants, paintings and picnics.
I continued to open for several years after Julian died in 1988, but Artists at Home has obviously expanded and changed a lot since I took part. There are now over 40 in the group - painters, potters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, textile-designers - and a much wider area is covered. The intention, however, is very much the same - to give people the opportunity of seeing the artists’ work in the very space where it was created.

I am very glad to be associated with the 30th Anniversary of Artists at Home and wish you all - visitors and artists - a very happy weekend.

Mary Fedden RA

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