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David Shavreen reviews programme from Arts Educational School pupils

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The next concert in this, the Twenty-First Season, will be given at 3.30 p.m. on Sunday, 18th May, in the Chiswick Catholic Centre, 2 Duke's Avenue, W.4. "Kosmos" (a combination of two violins and cello with a Classical Accordion) will be playing traditional music from Folk Song to Gypsy Music to Jewish Klezmer.

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Our guests on 9th March were a group of pupils from the Arts Educational School of Chiswick. Since we aim to encourage budding artists it was a pleasure to welcome these young people to perform for us a very wide programme of vocal and instrumental music ranging from Beethoven to Bacharach.

It seems somewhat tautological, at first glance, to see the school described as an Arts Educational School, for what else is a school but a place where one can be educated, but I can only concur with this school's aim, to produce well-rounded confident adults - adults who know how to express themselves, to embody their thoughts, their fears, their joys with intelligence and with regard to the needs and experience of others and not to be merely training grounds for the acquisition of correct answers to approved questions. In this way the arts, too much neglected in the run-of-the-mill school, can play a crucial role in the development of mature personalities.

These girls and boys were fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy sharing their enthusiasms before a sympathetic audience. Despite the occasional signs of nervousness they rose well to their ordeal and the carefully constructed programme offered wide opportunities for a display of talents which brought delight to performers and listeners.
The ensemble singing was disciplined and articulate. Some of the girls exhibited charismatic charms both in the quality of their maturing voices and in the stylish interpretation of their songs and there were individuals whose solo performances were outstanding.

The instrumental players wrestled somewhat anxiously with the demands of Beethoven and Fauré, but there was a memorable performance of Benjamin Britten's fascinating evocation of the God Pan inspired by one of Ovid's Metamorphoses.

In short a very interesting and rewarding afternoon.

David Shavreen.

The Blenheim Music Circle was formed in 1987 to promote public concerts and recitals by professional musicians in the Chiswick area. Since its formation it has presented 120 concerts, which have featured more than 350 young musicians. It is entirely dependent on members’ subscriptions, ticket sales and advertising support from local businesses. The season runs from January to December and comprises six concerts presented in alternate months. All concerts in 2008 will be held at the Chiswick Catholic Centre

The membership subscription for all six concerts is £27 (£4.50 per concert)
Non-members’ admission at the door is £6. Details of the 2008 season and contacts are attached.

Home-made teas are served after each concert.

March 21, 2008

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