LOCAL ISSUE :    The Chiswick Pool


29 FEB 2000

"A reminder that Chiswick is not a cash cow."  - Conservatives

In a press release following the announcement of the new deal for the Chiswick Pool, the Hounslow Conservative Group said the majority Labour party should "learn a lesson" from this experience. 

In a press release, the Conservative Group said: 
"The Hounslow Conservatives would like to congratulate the people of Chiswick on the success of their campaign to save New Chiswick Pool.

"The Conservative Group has been highly critical of Labour's plans to close the pool but without the sustained and vigorous opposition of local residents this foolish scheme would no doubt have become reality. Local feeling was so overwhelming that not even Labour with its history of complete disdain for Chiswick could ignore it.

"School children, the elderly, and those who swim on medical advice will be the biggest beneficiaries of this campaign victory but in the end the whole of Chiswick will benefit from the retention of this valuable local amenity. Our congratulations to local residents on their excellent campaign.

Cllr Kinghorn said "Let this campaign serve as a reminder to the Labour Council that the people of Chiswick do not like being the borough's cash cow while getting very little in return. It is essential that the Council learns this lesson and doesn't try to close the pool all over again when the new contract expires in five years time."

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  The Campaigner's View:
David Giles says it would never have happened without public pressure. 


4th Feb: Frank Dobson is the only London Mayor candidate not to declare himself for the campaign to save the pool. 

7th January 2000: Council representatives endure a barrage of criticism from hundreds of residents at a public meeting, but make no promises on the pool's future.

HISTORY The story goes back a long way - right to the original planning of the existing pool, in fact.