ISSUE: Chiswick New Pool                              

Council Blasted for "Abysmal Record" in Promoting Pool

Despite the recent gala opening of the new facilities at Chiswick New Pool, local residents remain sceptical about the Council's long term commitment to the facility.

The Council had threatened to close the pool last year due to lack of funding but a vocal campaign helped keep this popular facility open to the general public.

A flaw in the construction of the pool has lead to exceptionally high running costs and as part of the plan to save the Council decided to turn part of the facility into a gym, the revenue from which was planned to cover the short fall.

However campaigners who were involved in the original effort to save the pool allege the Council is making the same mistakes that caused to the pool to operate at a loss.

According to David Giles, a central figure in the campaign:

" Chiswick New Pool has remained one of Chiswick's best kept secrets. Apart from some very welcome banners on the Chertsey Road/Edensor Road junction announcing the opening of the new gym, the Council has done very little to promote the use of this marvelous pool and its facilities."

With stiff competition from the Park Club and the new Esporta facilities at Chiswick Business Park the pool is in danger of losing customers, despite offering access to its facilities at a far cheaper rate. The Council's promotion effort does appear to be patchy - there is no mention of the opening on their web-site or a press release on the subject. David Giles believes this attitude may pose a longer term threat to the pool:

"It is vital that Chiswick New Pool with its new gym should remain open as a public swimming pool open to all upon payment of affordable fees. The Council needs to ensure that the pool and the new gym make the best possible financial contribution towards the facility's running costs. This cannot happen unless the Council improves its abysmal record of failing to market and promote Chiswick New Pool properly. Otherwise, it is likely that the Council may try to sell the Pool off to the private sector in the future."


We did ask the Council to comment on Mr Giles' remarks but they did not respond.



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