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Labour Split Saves Centre for Now

Hounslow Council suffered a set back in its plans to shut the Chiswick Child and Family centre as members of the ruling Labour group joined other parties in voting to defer the proposal.

Gunnersbury ward councillor David Hopkins put forward a motion to defer the decision until next March. The argument being that the consultation was flawed and that parents were presented with a fait accompli.

Cllr. Ellar who overseas Social Services on the Council executive argued that the centre should be closed due to under use and that parents could easily travel to Brentford for care. However as parents using the centre pointed out the number of children attending the centre has been declining because it has ceased to take admissions. The Council appear to be using a measure that pre-empted the consultation process to justify the closure.

With the centre not taking admissions this decision can probably only be regarded as a stay of execution.

Background to the issue

Decision on Centre taken off September Meeting Agenda

The case being made by Council Officers

Parents not Optimistic about November 7th Meeting

OFSTED Reports on the two centres Note - the Brentford Centre was reinspected in July of this year and the tone of that report is apparently much more favourable than the report on OFSTED's web site.

Fostering in Hounslow

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