It's "South Worst Trains" as Strategic Rail Authority figures show major deterioration in service  

Official figures show that in punctuality terms South West Trains has become "South Worst Trains". The deterioration is such that it is nearly a better than even chance that a train will not arrive on schedule.

The figures for October to December 2001 show that the service has only 59.7% of trains are arriving on time and for peak travel the numbers are worse at 54.4%


A South West Train at Chiswick station.

In the period covered by the report South West Trains was the worst performing train service in the country.

One regular user of Chiswick station said, " I'm sure the figures mask a much worse performance for the suburban lines like the Hounslow Loop. The fast trains always seem to get priority."

The figures are likely to provoke a bitter response from many Chiswick residents following recent comments from Hounslow Council that they pay higher CPZ charges because of "generally better" transport links.

The award of a new franchise does commit South West Trains to increase the regularity of the service through Chiswick before 2004. South West Trains also have the biggest commitment to order new stock of any of the train operating companies.

South West Trains claim that the volume of trains going into Waterloo makes punctuality difficult as the station has a bottleneck on entry.

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Passenger Rail Performance

Percentage of trains arriving on time
Oct-Dec 2001
London and South East All Day
Chiltern Railways 90.6 74.3
Great Eastern Railway 85.6 80.5
Silverlink 83.0 80.8
Connex South Eastern 81.8 67.7
c2c 79.7 74.3
Thames Trains 78.8 76.8
Connex South Central 78.4 67.7
WAGN 77.9 65.3
Thameslink 72.6 59.9
South West Trains 71.6 59.7
London and South East Peak
Chiltern Railways 89.6 67.7
Connex South Eastern 81.5 87.6
Great Eastern Railway 80.3 70.4
c2c 78.3 67.7
Silverlink 78.3 74.7
Connex South Central 76.8 59.9
Thames Trains 76.6 72.8
South West Trains 72.4 54.4
Thameslink 71.2 53.9
WAGN 68.8 52.3



London & South East and Other Operators show % arriving within 5 minutes of timetabled time.

Source: Strategic Rail Authority, March 2002


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