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Transport for London to Carry Out Turnham Green Review on taking control of the Underground

"A fresh and unbiased review of the needs and costs of stopping Piccadilly Line trains at Turnham Green is long overdue."

Local representatives of the STOP Campaign have taken their case to the Headquarters of Transport for London (TfL) and presented the first part of the petition to Vice Chair Dave Wetzel for Mayor Ken Livingstone, the TfL Board and Transport Commissioner Bob Kiley.

During the meeting Dave Wetzel said that when Transport for London take over the running of the London Underground he would ask Bob Kiley and his team of world experts to carry out a fresh and unbiased review of the needs and costs of stopping Piccadilly Line trains at Turnham Green Station. They would also be asked to implement short and long-term improvements to the entire London Transport system.

The visit coincided with the resignation of London Underground's Chief Executive, Derek Smith. The relationship between the Mayor and the incumbent LUL management has been fraught with Ken Livingstone describing them as dullards. STOP is lobbying the government to handover control to TfL as quickly as possible.


Bob Kiley is widely credited with turning around the New York subway and has been brought in by Ken Livingstone to tackle London Underground.

Dave Wetzel was a key player in the Mayor's cheap fares policy under the old Greater London Council and is currently Vice-chair of Transport for London.

Tim Mack with Dave Wetzel and Bob Kiley

The nearly 8,000 strong STOP campaign petition (Stop at Turnham Green On the Piccadilly line) requests that,

" Transport for London give priority to the stopping of Piccadilly Line trains all day at Turnham Green station".

Tim Mack the Conservative PPC for the Brentford and Isleworth constituency stated: "Transport for London (TfL)was established to run London Underground and should have taken over control from the Government earlier this year. The cross party STOP campaign has deliberately been focussed on showing TfL the demand for, and practicality of, an all day Piccadilly Line service at Turnham Green as a priority improvement to the system.

As Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and the Government continue to try to impose their flawed PPP scheme for the Underground on Londoners, STOP campaigners are now calling on them to hand over control to TfL to enable them to get started on the long term turnaround. The sooner TfL and Bob Kiley are able to get started the better.""

STOP campaigners share the TfL concern that if PPP goes ahead too much of the new investment would be in improving train stations and retailing outlets and not enough on improvements to the train service such as stopping the Piccadilly Line at Turnham Green.

When he was the leader of Hounslow Council in the 1980s, Dave Wetzel campaigned for Piccadilly line trains to stop at Turnham Green. As Vice Chair of TfL and a Brentford resident he has also been taking an interest in the current reduced service on the District line and the need for more Piccadilly Line trains to stop as the work continues. Dave Wetzel emphasised the importance of prompt and effective communication to passengers as well as the opportunities of greater integration of all forms of public transport in London.

In earlier meetings with STOP campaigners, London Underground undertook to stop Piccadilly Line trains during the current cutbacks at stations between Acton Town and Hammersmith whenever there is overcrowding on the District Line platforms. Information from passengers shows this is not taking place and seems to depend on the opinion and expertise of duty supervisors.

In reply to questions in Parliament and at the GLA, Shadow Transport Minister Bernard Jenkin and Greater London Assembly member Tony Arbour confirmed that LUL had assured them they would stop more Piccadilly Line trains during the District Line cutbacks when the situation warranted it.

LUL claimed that to stop a Piccadilly Line train would hold up those behind it and insert too large a gap for satisfactory service through Central London. STOP campaigners point out that they have routed occasional Piccadilly line trains on to the District Line tracks and allowed other Piccadilly line trains to proceed through on the fast tracks, so that problem has not arisen and they have demonstrated they can provide a service if they wish.

Tim Mack stated after the meeting: "The deteriorating tube service at Turnham Green is a vital issue for local people and we will not give up campaigning until it gets better. Meanwhile we will be lobbying for the Government to hand over control so TfL can take over from the discredited LUL management and get started".

Anyone who has yet to sign the petition can do so at Mr Lad's newsagent on South Parade, Southey's restaurant at 144 Chiswick High Road or at Austen jewellers right next door to the station.

Please note that is not affiliated with the STOP campaign. We are delighted to feature any campaign activity on local issues but our stance is not to take sides.

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