Stamford Brook Residents' Association Reaction to 272 Bus Route

Residents at northern end of route uncertain of benefits of new route

Route 272 has stirred many a soul. At one end of the route residents Strand on the Green are in heated debate about route 272 (see forum).

Meanwhile, Stamford Brook residents have also been stirred into action by launching Backed by the long established Stamford Brook Residents Association, the site serves as a focus point about all matters relating to the proposed 272 bus routing along Emlyn and Larden Road. Results of local petitions among residents and the elected Association committee, show a clear majority against route 272 along Emlyn and Larden Road.

The 272 website represents the reasons behind this sentiment, argues for the alternatives and attempts to shed light on the consultation and decision process. With email news subscriptions and a dedicated no272 forum the site has been put together in record time as a volunteer run service to the neighbourhood. A decision on the route is imminent.

Picture courtesy of Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush Gazette

Grove Park residents' reaction to 272

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