New Bus Service May Be On Way For Chiswick Park

Consultation on allowing access from northern end of the Park

 27 Bus Extends To Chiswick Business Park


Image- Ian Wylie


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Transport for London has started a public consultation on two proposals to add to its bus services in the Chiswick Business Park.

The consultation which runs from today (Nov 10) until December 19th 2014 will consider extending the current 70 Bus Route via Acton to Chiswick Business Park to allow access from the north side.

The second proposal is to add two extra bus stops to the 27 bus route, which has its terminus inside the Park. The two stops would be closer to the High Road at the southern end near Gunnersbury station and would give passengers the option of getting off in the main section of the CBP.

Two years ago, TfL extended the 27 route providing access to the Park from the south and installing a terminus. By extending Route 70 it is planned to give access to the Park from the north side.

The Business Park is also served by routes 237, 267 and H91 at Gunnersbury Station.

When the 27 Bus Terminus was completed in 2010 it was mooted that (subject to consultation) another route would be extended from Ealing via Bollo Lane and funded from the Park's Section 106 contributions.

Route 70 runs between South Kensington and Acton approximately every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday daily, every 15 minutes during Sunday shopping hours and every 20 minutes late evenings.

The proposal would divert route 70 at Acton Market Place, and travel along Acton High Street, Gunnersbury Lane, Acton Town Station, Bollo Lane and Stanhope Way to the bus stand at the northern end of CBP. Between Gunnersbury Lane and Acton High Street it would serve stops currently used by the E3 in both directions.

Bus stops on Horn Lane and Steyne Road would no longer be served by the 70, though the 266 will continue to serve stop N in Steyne Road. Customers can use stops located nearby on Acton High Street. The 70 would serve existing route E3 stops on Gunnersbury Lane and route 440 stops on Bollo Lane.

TfL is proposing a new stop on Bollo Lane near Enfield Road for passengers using Acton Town Station. To aid the installation of the new bus stop, Ealing Council would need to convert five parking bays in front of Webb Court into the new bus stop.

For buses travelling towards Acton, the existing E3 stop at Acton Town Station on Gunnersbury Lane would be used.

Route 27 runs between Chiswick Business Park and Chalk Farm, Morrisons, every 7 to 8 minutes Monday to Saturday daily and every 12 minutes during Sundays shopping hours and late evenings but TfL says there is a large gap between the first/last bus stop and the stops of the Chiswick High road.

Image- TfL showing the existing bus stops in red and the proposed new stops in yellow

TfL said: "We have received requests from members of the public and stakeholders to install bus stops nearer the southern part of the CBP. We are therefore proposing two new stops for the route 27 in Chiswick Business Park (CBP), which would give passengers the option of getting off in the main section of Chiswick Business Park (CBP)".

You can read more about the consultation and give your feedback to TfL here

November 10, 2014

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