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Silence snoring with innovative new system

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Is your partner ruining your sleep by snoring or maybe it's you that is the nocturnal nuisance?  Either way lack of sleep can affect both your own and your partner's health by causing daytime headaches, tension, sleepiness and concentration difficulties.

Diagram Snoring is caused by your throat muscles relaxing in sleep rendering them less effective in holding breathing passages open.  The soft sides of the airway tend to close in meaning the air has to move faster through a smaller restricted space.  This causes vibrations of the soft tissues which generate the noise of snoring.

Now help is at hand from a innovative new anti-snoring system called Silensor and brought to Chiswick by the charismatic Ralph Gilhooley aka The Dentist @ Chiswick.

Ralph explains how the Silensor system works, "The Silensor uses Diagrama pair of custom made plastic mouldings shaped to fit your teeth which you pop into your mouth at bedtime.  The top and bottom sections are connected at the sides by short plastic links which effectively pull your lower jaw forward and in turn holds the airways open thus reducing the constriction that causes the snoring."

Some stiffness in the jaw may be experienced at first as it generally takes a few days until one becomes accustomed to wearing the appliance and wearers of false teeth are unable to use this system.

For further information, please contact The Dentist @ Chiswick on 020 8994 1525 or pop in to make an appointment at 1 Southfield Road, Chiswick, W4 1AQ. 

May 8, 2005