Chiswick May Get New Anglican Primary School

Organising group now wants parent support and hopes for 2014 opening


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Plans for a new Anglican primary school in Chiswick are gathering apace and the group sponsoring the idea is now seeking support from local parents.

Local councillors who are part of the group behind the Chiswick Anglican School project say the next step is to create a parent advisory and project support group.

Cllr. Gerald McGregor says they hope to have the application for a school into the Department of Education by February 2013, with a view towards entry in September 2014.

The plan for a Church of England school first emerged during the discussion on the future use of the former St. Alban’s Church on Acton Green.

While the group say that site would be ideal, the situation relating to development of the church building has not yet been resolved, and they are anxious to continue with their plans without necessarily having a premises in place.

Initial plans were for a primary and middle school education with a 30-pupil entry for years 1-11, and a concentration on the Arts.

However Cllr. McGregor told Chiswick that the full extent of need in the area now indicated a two-form primary is necessary and might be a greater priority. A two-form primary school, when full, would accommodate 400 children.

The plans have the support of local churches and the Diocese and of a number of interested parents.

 “We now need to create a wider parent group to act as advisors in setting up the next stage of this exciting programme” according to a statement from the group.

 “If you have children under the age of 14 and would like them to have a successful solid Anglican based education in a Christian and disciplined environment then we need your thoughts and advice”.

The school will be directly funded by the Department for Education and will be independent of Local Authority control. It will not be a fee paying private school. You do not need to live in Chiswick in order to take part in the parent group and no financial commitment is required .

 Councillor Mc Gregor, who is the organising sponsor said they wanted to create a debate about the need for such a school in Chiswick and hear general views and opinions. From those discussions they want to create a parent advisory and project support group.

The group is hoping to get a large number of responses and there are plans to mount a publicity campaign using the facilities of the local Anglican churches.

Cllr Mc Gregor said; “Given the pressure on school places in local primary schools, there is a huge demographic need to have children educated locally, and the Church of England recognises this and has done for some time.

“It seems that the education needs of Chiswick can be met in this particular way by using the free school route adopted by Michael Gove.“

The project is currently sponsored by Cllr.Gerald McGregor (Lead Member Finance and Budget 2006-2010); Cllr. Peter Thompson, (Leader of the Council 2006-2010) and Cllr. Robert Oulds, (Lead Member Lifelong Learning 2006-2010)

Anyone interested in the project can contact Cllr. McGregor, by emailing him at; or any of the other sponsors.

  April 14, 2012

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