Local Campaigners Preparing For Airport Anti Expansion March

Banners are now available for those who want to join the protest


Chiswick 'Starting To Make A Noise' about Third Runway

Chiswick Group Formed To Oppose Airport Expansion

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The Chiswick group CHATR, set up to campaign against a third runway at Heathrow, is getting mobilised for the big protest at Parliament Square at 10.30am on Saturday 10 October 2015.

Anyone who wishes to to join the group to travel into central London is advised to meet up at 9.30 a.m. on Saturday 10th at Turnham Green Station. Or if you are travelling separately, just look for the W4 banners at the rally.

More information can be had from the campaign group, HACAN http://hacan.org.uk/category/events/ The Rally is organised by the Coalition Against Heathrow Expansion.

A statement from CHATR said; "In order for Chiswick to both stand out and make it clear we are protesting for protecting our health & well-being and that of future generations who live here, rather than against the Establishment, we would appreciate it if those who plan to join the W4 rally would come in work or formal clothes and men come “suited/up & booted”.

They say they are against a third runway on the following grounds:

• Current estimates provided by Airport Watch, done in the absence of Heathrow providing its planned flight paths, forecast planes in the new Chiswick flightpaths to be at around 2,000 feet, producing noise levels of approximately 70-80 decibels , which is well in excess of the 55 decibel threshold (a level that necessitates sound insulation installation),

• Planes are likely to be running every minute or so, up to either 12 hours a day with a four hour respite or for 16 hours during three continuous weeks with then a week’s respite.

• Significant areas of Chiswick could be exposed to the noise of two or more flightpaths. It is not known if there will be more take offs (which occur on westerly days for about 70% of the year) in addition to the existing landings or whether the flightpaths will be evenly spread or concentrated through just a few routes, which could mean a minority will have more concentrated noise.

• Numerous studies show serious adverse health effects including on children and shattered sleep at noise levels that are much lower than this. Even without the new runway, pollution levels around Heathrow regularly breach EU safety limits. None of this is necessary and the argument that Heathrow is best to deliver economic benefits to the country has not stood up to scrutiny.

From today (Monday 5 Oct) banners will be available on demand from ProntaPrint, 46 Chiswick High Road (corner of High Road & Cleveland Ave) These need to be laminated to be waterproof
Walk In or To Order : Please telephone Ash @ ProntaPrint on 020 8742 7881
Sticks provided !
or Email CHATR@mail.com if you want to pick up a banner at Turnham Green tube station.

October 5, 2015

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