Chiswick Airport Anti Expansion Group Campaign Continues

Protest outside Downing Street and in Chiswick with local MP


Large Chiswick Turnout for Airport Anti-Expansion March

Chiswick 'Starting To Make A Noise' about Third Runway

Chiswick Group Formed To Oppose Airport Expansion

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Chiswick's airport anti-expansion group CHATR joined a protest outside Downing Street recently along with other anti-Heathrow expansion campaigners, to mark the sixth anniversary of David Cameron's speech in which he personally pledged there would be no third runway in Ocrober 2009.

The campaigners joined others from West London to carry a portable plane to Downing Street, which raised a few eyebrows as it was conveyed across Whitehall and into Downing street.

A defiant chorus of ‘No ifs, No buts, No third runway’ could be heard coming from beneath the body of the plane to remind the prime minister of his pledge. 'W4 Chiswick against Third Runway’ banners could be seen outside Downing Street as well as other anti-Heathrow expansion banners.

Last weekend (Oct 24) MP Ruth Cadbury joined ‘CHATR’, at a stall in Chiswick also set up to mark the sixth anniversary of Cameron’s personal pledge. According to AirportWatch if Heathrow expansion goes ahead, the new flight path over central/north Chiswick is estimated to be at around 2,000 feet with noise of c.70-80 decibels and planes running for up to 16 hours a day.

One Chiswick resident who already lives near an existing flightpath described the noise as ‘living hell’. Another resident, Mike Greenslade from Ealing said; ‘I live under the flight path and it is misery. It spoils every day’. He explained that it was never possible to sit in the garden because of the noise and ‘the pollution is atrocious’.

‘There are more events coming up in November and we encourage all those who oppose the Third Runway to take part’, said a spokesman for CHATR. ‘You can join CHATR by e mailing to learn of these events'. You can sign their petition or read their Facebook page or follow the group on Twitter

CHATR also said that In a week where it was revealed that the Cabinet Secretary, Jeremy Heywood, had warned ministers not to comment publicly about Heathrow, there appears to be growing concern among local residents that the views of Londoners are not being represented.

‘Many MPs did not reveal their views on Heathrow expansion at the time of the election. Londoners have been denied a chance to vote on this crucial issue’, continued Chatr's spokesman. He pointed out that cabinet ministers who oppose expansion have been excluded from the Parliamentary Group which is considering the Davies Commission and advising the Prime minister.

‘Now there is news that MPs who oppose Heathrow expansion appear to have been silenced. Who is there to represent Londoners who are being expected to bear the burden of health and other issues arising from noise and pollution on a massive scale? This is a major public health issue which is being swept under the carpet’

October 12, 2015

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