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The deadline for the Department for Transport consultation on the Third Runway at Heathrow is rapidly approaching (Thursday 25 May) but despite the significant impact of the runway on Chiswick, so far there has been little evidence of a high level of complaints or objections being submitted by local residents.

A spokesperson from CHATR (Chiswick against Third Runway) said: “We are worried that Chiswick residents may not have realised just how much our neighbourhood will be affected if the Third Runway goes ahead. The combination of increased noise, traffic and air pollution will dramatically alter the environment and change Chiswick forever. We urge anyone you who is opposed to the Third Runway to lodge your objections before 25 May. Without a significant volume of objections from local residents, our efforts will not have an impact.”

Campaigners during a visit to Downing Street in 2016

Airport Watch has advised that there will be new flight path directly over Chiswick with many feeder routes as planes turn onto the new glide path to approach the runway. Planes will be at an estimated 2,000 feet only with a noise of 70-90 decibels, which is above any levels currently experienced. This would be similar to the noise disturbance currently experienced in places like Richmond or Twickenham.

“Along with many others, we are challenging the DfT metrics for noise since they are based on averaging and significantly disguise the true effects of plane noise. The DfT figures for the contour maps are based on 2030 figures when the airport will not be anywhere near full capacity, thus concealing the true effects of the increased volume of aircraft. We also maintain that the noise nuisance level is set too high at 54 decibels when noise nuisance is reported. Taking 54 decibels as the measure excludes areas such as Ealing and Teddington that are seriously disturbed by noise and, amongst other things, distorts the assessment of how many people would be affected or indeed compensated,” explains the spokesperson.

Any arguments you make need to focus on some of the key areas such as carbon emissions, air pollution, noise and adequate surface and transport access to the airport. CHATR adds: “ We are grateful to the Bedford Park Society who have complied a summary of the key arguments to help Chiswick residents draft their responses.

"The points have been taken from the Society’s submission to the consultation but everyone should feel free to use you own words and focus on the areas, which concern you. [Although the document is in PDF form, you should be able to copy and paste text.”

Since the online form involves a registration process and responding to a long list of technical questions, it is easier to submit your response by email or letter:

By email: send your response to

The full proposal can be accessed online.

detailed facts and figures are available from Airport Watch

To contact CHATR: email

May 5, 2017

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