Majority Of Bedford Park Society's Members Oppose CS9

Believe cycle superhighway as proposed will have a 'detrimental effect'


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Nearly three-quarters of Bedford Park Society (BPS) members are opposed to the Cycle Superhighway and believe it would have a detrimental effect on Chiswick.

The BPS carried out a short survey on the proposed Cycle Superhighway in order to reflect members’ views in its submission to the consultation. The survey showed that 74% of the respondents are against the proposal, 21% are in favour, and 5% neither for nor against.

The Society welcomes measures which encourage healthy living, including more walking and cycling within Chiswick, but members are concerned that the needs of pedestrians and local residents have not been taken into account, and that the cycle superhighway will have a detrimental effect on the amenity of the area.

The Society’s submission, therefore, concludes that the proposed cycle superhighway is not the right solution and opposes the proposal in its current form. You can read the full submission here.

The main concerns expressed by Society members in the survey covered the likely effect on both Chiswick generally and on the Bedford Park Conservation Area specifically:

• the safety of pedestrians around Chiswick, especially trying to cross Chiswick High Road and the superhighway
• the effect of the proposed superhighway on local civic and business life, especially on Chiswick’s much prized local cafe culture and resulting sense of community
• the likely level of traffic displacement into the residential streets of Bedford Park
• higher levels of pollution from increased traffic congestion along Chiswick High Road

Many members suggested that the wide pavement along the A4 would be a more appropriate route for a cycle superhighway for the mass movement of commuters into and out of central London, with local measures to promote cycling within Chiswick, combined with improvements in public transport to promote switches from cars to others modes of travel.

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November 4, 2017

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