Chiswick Market Stall Worker Gets Blue Badge Fine

Hounslow Council crack down on fraudulent use of disabled parking permits


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A man has been fined over £500 for continually misusing a Blue Badge on a daily basis while he worked in Chiswick.

Hounslow Councilís fraud team had been alerted to an allegation against Vardan Sauratyan, 67, from Northolt, that he was parking his car in a resident bay while he worked on a market stall in Chiswick.

blue badge

The holder of the Blue Badge that Mr Sauratyan was using, was contacted at her home and indicated to council officers that she was not out and in the location with her Blue Badge.

Police were called to the location and Mr Sauratyan admitted using the Blue Badge without the Blue Badge holder being present and after realising he had been caught out, had gone to the badge holderís home, collected her and returned to his vehicle.

Mr Sauratyan attended Ealing Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty. He was fined a total of £535, which included a £200 fine, £305 in court costs and £30 victim surcharge.

Blue badges are issued to disabled people who have severe mobility problems and need to park near to shops or other local amenities.

There are strict rules, which state that a blue badge is issued to an individual and not a vehicle. This means that if a blue badge holder is not present, the badge cannot be used. Hounslow Councilís fraud team have the power to confiscate blue badges and bring in the fraudsters to be questioned by police and could lead to prosecution.

May 6, 2017

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