Council Allows Boat Club Party Plans

But only partially agrees to some of their requests for fundraising events


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The University of London Boathouse on Hartington Road, Grove Park, has received the decision by Hounslow Council on its application for a licence to allow live music, recorded music, dancing and alcohol seven days a week.

The Council has partially agreed to some of the terms of the application. A live music application was not granted; provision for recorded music was granted only for inside on Friday and Saturday until 11.30pm and Sunday until 10.00pm. Windows should be closed and no nuisance caused to residents. An application for making music was not granted, but provision of facilities for dancing was granted. An application for the supply of alcohol was granted but not the non-standard hours.

Residents of Hartington Court, next door to the boathouse have said they will be watching closely to see if the terms are being followed. They had been concerned that the plans by the boathouse to hold fundraising events on their premises could lead to noise and anti-social behaviour.

The original licence application was for the provision of alcohol and the playing of music between 12 noon and 11:00pm each weekday, and until 11.30pm on Friday and Saturday nights (10pm on Sundays) starting on 1st May.

They were also seeking permission for four events a year which would finish by 12.30am (with closure by 1am). These events would probably be on New Year’s Eve and around major rowing events on the Thames.

At present the club only hosts about four events a year, but it is understood they wanted to be able to hire the venue out in order to raise funds. Meanwhile local residents were worried that this could turn the club in a quiet residential area into what one described as “practically a night-club”.

Hartington Court has about 100 residents ranging from elderly people to young children.

June 15, 2012

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