Bolton Road Bins Are 'Rubbish' Say Locals

They want action over overflowing recycling bins


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Residents on streets near the recycling bins on Bolton Road in Grove Park are increasingly frustrated at the overfilled bins which they say can be left overflowing for days at a time.

They say the area has become a flytipping hotspot and people continue to dump rubbish there even when bins are clearly full. As soon as council refuse collectors remove the rubbish, it fills up again in a very short time, they say.

One local resident commented: "This is now getting beyond a joke, and something needs to be done about it. People now view this area as simply a dump, to leave anything unwanted, or their household refuse.  It is appalling and cannot be allowed to remain like this."

He said he had regularly seen rats around the bins and there were health implications for the neighbourhood. There was also a nearby bench which attracted alcoholics which was currently piled high with used tins of later. The view for residents living opposite must appear like something from "a third world dump", he said. The bins should either be taken away and moved elsewhere, or CCTV installed to deter and police the area.

"As a keen recycler, I am not happy to lose this facility, but am not prepared to walk past here every day dodging the waste and the local rodent population."

 Another recycling bin between the parade of shops near Station House pub is also regularly left with rubbish spilling out until collected by LBH (see pic below)

Andy Murray of the Grove Park Group said he had been in touch with the Council's recycling department a number of times on the issue.

Cllr Paul Lynch (Cons) said "The problem has recently become very bad, and many are concerned. I am inclined to press for the removal of the recycling facility entirely. Hounslow Highways cannot police the site properly, and people will not co-operate and use it properly."

He said he would bring the matter to the attention of the Chiswick Area Forum at its next meeting.

May 24, 2014

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