Action Promised On Bolton Road Flytipping

Council plans CCTV camera for Grove Park recycling site


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Hounslow Council may place CCTV cameras near the Bolton Road recycling bins in a bid to deter flytipping. The Council is also considering removing some of the bins in a bid to stop the problem.

Local residents have complained that things have become worse in recent months and say rubbish had been left strewn around the pavement and roads, rats had been sighted, and it was in a dreadful state.

The issue will be discussed at tomorrow's (Tues 8th July) meeting of the Chiswick Area Forum.

A Council investigation to be put before the meeting said that there was a recommendation for the main recycling banks to be removed, leaving the textiles, small electrical and book and CD banks. There were three options for dealing with the situation.

1. Change the containers for paper and plastic as they are often contaminated. This will improve the quality of recycling collected at the site, but may not reduce fly tipping.
2. Remove the paper, plastic, glass and can bins as all residents can recycling these from their homes. The book, textiles and WEEE bank would remain, to allow those residents who cannot recycle these items from home to continue to use them. The banks would be repositioned so there is no space between them to fly tip items and the site would be cleansed regularly.
3. Remove the site completely. Fly tipping may continue but would hopefully reduce over time.

"The difference of fly tipping between sites which have had bins removed and sites which have bins remaining is minimal with neither solution completely solving the issue. With these banks remaining, we are still offering the best service to all residents in the surrounding area while hopefully reducing the amount of fly tipping in this area.

"To accompany this, signs will be located prior to the removal of the bank which will explain to residents why the banks are being removed and who to contact if they have any concerns about this site. The Strategic Commissioning – Recycling team will aim to identify all properties within the surrounding area who do not have access to the kerbside, flats and flats above shops service and work with them to provide them the most suitable service.

"If this recommendation fails to improve the site we can look into removing the remaining banks from the site as a last resort although there is still no guarantee that incidents of fly tipping will stop at this location." says the council report.

July 4, 2014

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