Book Swapping Brings Joy To Stamford Brook Commuters

Daily commute is brightened up by literary pockets of pleasure


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Chiswick commuters using the Stamford Brook tube station have their daily trip to work brightened up by a 'book swap', where novels ranging from thrillers by Dick Francis, to cookery books and serious classics can turn up at any given time.

The idea is simple- people drop in their used books and leave them for others to pick up while they are passing by.

The number of books varies from day to day, and you never know what you might find. People have left notes expressing their appreciation.

One local posted; "Thank You for Roger Deakin's 'Wild Wood'. I have been searching for it for ages in charity shops."

Another comment;" Thank You to whoever left 'La La Land'- I can watch it now."

Other said: " Such a lovely idea in a lonely city, brings a feeling of community."

"Just want to let you know that I find this book exchange thing amazing. Thank you so much to the person who started it!.

Perhaps somebody would like to start a similar one in other Chiswick stations? Email if you think this is a good idea and we will put an item up on the website.

There is a more sophisticated way of getting free books on the Underground, involving publishers who strategically place books in public places.

Books on the Underground is a US-inspired campaign in which publishers secretly leave books scattered in different places on the public transport system, sometimes with a note attached. Harry Potter star Emma Watson was involved in one campaign where she left copies of her favourite Maya Angelou novel.

However, the initiative in Stamford Brook appears to be a purely local venture and nobody knows who the Good Samaritan is who started it.

July 1, 2017

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