TfL Promise Action on Hammersmith Bridge Closure Congestion

Traffic signals will be changed at busy Chiswick junctions


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Transport for London (TfL) is making changes to signal timings at busy junctions in Chiswick to try to mitigate the traffic jams caused by the closure of Hammersmith Bridge, the Chiswick Area Forum (CAF) was told last Tuesday night (25 June). However, the Sutton Court Road junction with the A4, where there is daily congestion (see above) is not included in their plans.

A TfL team which attended the CAF said they were monitoring traffic data in Chiswick, and would be focusing on the High Road and the Chiswick Roundabout leading to the South and North Circular roads. Mitigating action to control traffic flow including changing signal timings, was being monitored and assessed.

Since the bridge was closed, thousands of vehicles which could no longer use the A4 (eastwards) to get to Hammersmith Bridge, were coming along the A4 and turning right at the Hogarth Roundabout to go along the A316 and across Chiswick Bridge towards Chalkers Corner. An extra 5000-7,000 vehicles a day were converging there. TfL was planning to give an 25 per cent extra 'Green' time to lights at the Hogarth Roundabout in a bid to prevent tailbacks.

Asked by councillors about local roads currently suffering from tailbacks, notably the Sutton Court Road junction with the A4, and Stilehall Gardens and Wellesley Road, the TfL representative said they were concentrating on major junctions, not local roads. He suggested the £2million Liveable Neighbourhood scheme could be used by Hounslow Council to deal with this, suggesting some trips could be made by other sustainable methods of transportation.

Councillor Jo Biddolph said where there were local 'rat runs' being used this change of behaviour was likely to become permanent. 'A green light on the A4 is a red light on Sutton Court Road' she commented and added that she felt it was depressing to hear TfL bounce the question back to Hounslow Council's traffic department saying they should all be cooperating on the issue.

hmmersmith bridgeHammersmith Bridge

Cllr John Todd, chairing , asked why enforcement could not be used to help clear congestion and get people to work on time. He reported a recent example where up to 20 buses had been delayed by a car parked in a bus lane near Turnham Green.

TfL were asked whether Cycleway 9 would be postponed due to the current situation with traffic. They said the results of the local consultation (Glebe Street area) are still to be released and Hounslow Council's response to the cycleway design was awaited. In any event, the project would be built in phases and it was always the case that temporary mitigation would be put in place during construction to cope with the effect on travel.

Cllr Gerald McGregor asked if a new bridge could be built instead of repairing the Grade II listed one which no longer served its purpose. He was told this was not a decision for TfL as Hammersmith & Fulham own the bridge. As it was Grade II listed, this prospect seemed unlikely.

A member of the public asked if TfL were monitoring 'journey evaporation' flow to see if levels of traffic were decreasing, as people decided the journey was not worth it. TfL said they had not seen indications of this so far.

TfL were currently working together with Hammersmith & Fulham Council to resolve the structural issues and hoped that by September there would be a feasibility study ready to discuss funding. It was hoped the structural repair work could go out to tender early next year.

June 27, 2019

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