Chiswick 'Champion' Takes To Twitter

Councillor Gerald Mc Gregor is embracing the digital age


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Local Councillor Gerald McGregor has set up a Twitter account in which he hopes to 'champion' all things Chiswick.

This comes after his recent election as Vice Chair of the Chiswick Area Committee which also has the rather “swanky” title of Chiswick Champion to it. Its purpose is to champion all things Chiswick and particularly focus on areas of improvement within the town and invite initiatives and ideas to make life even better for residents.

Speaking on his appointment Councillor McGregor said, “I am delighted and honoured to have been elected Vice Chair and Chiswick Champion. I live in Chiswick and so I care passionately about its people and the area. I will use my role to continually improve the quality of life here in this unique part of the borough and look forward to meeting with residents and business owners, finding out how we can attract more people to live and trade in Chiswick”.

Councillor McGregor said he had set up a Twitter account to report his work as Vice Chair and Chiswick Champion and reach out to a wider audience. “The digital revolution has everyone online now and it seems appropriate and necessary for elected representatives to do the same. Already in Chiswick there is a keen online following with regards to the and ChiswickBuzz TV etc.

"I hope by joining the Twitter community as Chiswick Champion I can reach out to an even wider audience as living in a fast changing world, things happen by the minute, so it is ever more important to be on the ball and respond to ever changing public administration issues such as the recent Davies report on Heathrow Airport expansion”.

You can follow Councillor Gerald McGregor on Twitter: @CHISWICKCHAMP though at the time of writing he hasn't started to tweet yet.

July 2, 2015

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