Community Project for Chiswick's 11-19 year olds

Youth club provides activities including Boxing, Drama, Dance and football teams

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Southfield Ward Forum have gone against the current national trend to cut Children’s Services and have provided £10,000 for a community project for 11-19 year olds in Chiswick.

W4 Youth, based at St Peter’s Church Hall, was set up after Sally Chacatté’s son was shot in the face by an unknown individual in January 2009 – nobody was ever tried for the offence.

The youth club provides a number of activities, including Boxing, Drama, Dance as well has having three football teams.

Mrs Chacatté said: “The intention was to provide a place for the youngsters to go so they are off the streets. We’re talking to Ealing Council about getting our own building, which will be open every day from 4pm to 10pm. It’s going to happen. I won’t be happy until we’ve got our building.”

Mrs Chacatté praised the help of the Southfield Ward Forum, who have provided a great support to her. She said: “Gary Malcolm has been amazing. Also Ealing Council paid for us to do a photography project and a fundraising DVD.”

The youth club have completed their website ( and it is being updated with future events and what they do during the week.

The members of the youth club have had success as well in a variety of different fields. One group won a talent show at The Waterman’s Centre. One girl is described as having the voice of an angel and the club also boasts a dance troupe, three football teams and one young man who is the third fastest runner in the UK for his age.

Mrs Chacatté is delighted at the promise of the young people and feels the club will help many youngsters achieve their potential.

Tom Moore

April 28, 2011