Chiswick Woman Approaches Advent Sleepout Fund Raising Target

Mary Chapman Pears has so far gained over a thousand pounds in donations


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A woman from Chiswick is planning to spend the night in a sleeping bag outside Westminster Abbey to raise money for the homeless.

Mary Chapman Pears, aged 68, will be braving the elements on 30 November to secure donations for the night shelters which provide warm and secure accommodation for the homeless at the bleakest time of the year.

Mary Chapman Pears

She said, “I want to make a small difference to help for the homeless. I'm inspired by the work that Church Urban Fund do and particularly their support for Night Shelters, so I wanted to raise money for them as part of my participation in the Advent Sleepout Challenge. I shall be spending the night of 30th November in a sleeping bag on the ground by Westminster Abbey. Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about Church Urban Fund, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot.”

So far she has raised over £1,000 for the Church Urban Fund close to her target of £1,500.

November 23, 2017

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