Answers To End Of Year Chiswick History Quiz


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Thanks go to Carolyn Hammond from the Brentford and Chiswick Local History Society, who provided most of the questions.



1) Turnham Green (where else?) after a skirmish in November 1642

2) Chiswick House, Hogarth House and Walpole House on the Mall are Chiswick's Grade I listed buildings (Note: It has been correctly pointed out that Chiswick House actually contains a number of listed buildings, so these too would have been accepted)

3) The tower of St. Nicholas Church, built around 1430, is probably the oldest structure in Chiswick

Chiswick People

1) John Thaw, TV's Inspector Morse, lived in Grove Park Road.

2) Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. Early in his life, Van Gogh aspired to be a pastor and preached on the High Road while living in Isleworth

3) The following are three men who lived and worked in Chiswick, but who made their mark elsewhere in the world. Given their names and their Chiswick connections, can you name their most famous achievement?

  1. Chiswick cabbie Frederick Hitch - soldier who earned a Victoria Cross for his bravery at Rorke's Drift, and was played by actor David Kernan in the film Zulu

  2. Sir Charles Tilston Bright - laid the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic, completed in 1858

  3. Joseph Paxton - designed the Crystal Palace, originally built to house the Great Exhibition in 1851

4) Camille Pisarro, the artist was visiting his son Lucien, who lived locally

5) Voltaire did NOT live in Chiswick: Rousseau stayed in Chiswick for a few months in 1766 and WB Yeats composed his best known poem, The Lake Isle of Innisfree while living in Bedford Park. Hugh Grant spent his youth living on Sutton Lane, and attended Hogarth Primary.

6) Winston Churchill is NOT a recorded visitor: the rest visited Chiswick House at some point in its long history.

7) Actor David Garrick, star (and manager) of the Drury Lane theatre in London, wrote Hogarth's epitaph

8) Both CJF and George Canning died at Chiswick House.

9) William III in 1694, but the plot - by a group of Jacobites - was unsuccessful.

Addresses and Places, Then and Now

1) Chiswick's first purpose-built cinema, was called 'The Palais', and opened in 1909 where Waitrose is now.

2) Name the figures who lived at the following addresses in W4:

  1. English novelist - E.M Forster (Hugh Grant grew up next door)
  2. 20th century socialite and novelist - Nancy Mitford
  3. 18th century satirist - Alexander Pope
  4. British general and viscount - Field-Marshal Montgomery

3) Thornycroft's ship building works on Church Wharf, which employed about 1,800 men, was Chiswick's largest employer at the height of the Industrial Revolution

4) W4's first police station was on the corner of Chiswick High Road and Windmill Road; it's now Carvosso's restaurant and wine bar

5) Griffin Brewery, established towards the end of the 17th century, is the oldest business still trading in Chiswick

6) Staveley Road was where the first V2 landed.

January 19, 2014

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