Outrage Over The Piles Of Rubbish Lying Around Chiswick

Local people say the problem is getting worse

 Council Promise To Monitor Bolton Road Bins



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A local councillor has expressed anger at the the current state of Chiswick streets and the "profusion of rubbish" and has called on Hounslow Council to take urgent action.

Cllr John Todd says he has received several complaints from local people and traders who are furious at the state of Chiswick High road and adjoining streets. A reader has sent in pictures taken this week (see below).


Cllr Todd says that Hounslow Council and its contractor must do more to prevent this practice.

He said: "The current profusion of rubbish of all kinds deliberately dumped by trees and elsewhere in Chiswick High Road is of great concern. It's unhygienic and an eyesore. Traders and the public are incensed that both businesses and individuals continue to leave their rubbish.

"LBH and it's contractor could do more to prevent this practice. It may mean removing one or more waste bins which attract other rubbish to be left close by. It's now possible to monitor the cycle sales in one store by the variable dumping of the cardboard containers outside their store.

"On the corner of CHR/ Cranbrook Rd we have watched the continual 24/7 dumping despite its removal. LBH should CCTV and issue Tickets to offenders. We cannot allow this abuse to continue."

Several areas of Chiswick are suffering from flytipping. Local reports range from one resident in the Thames Road area who reported a person had dumped rubbish close to their house, to the ongoing problem in Bolton Road, Grove Park, where an unsightly mess can be seen several days a week at the recycling bins.

Bolton Road

We asked Hounslow Council what action would be taken on the issue.

A council spokesperson said: “Hounslow Highways, the council’s highways provider in partnership with the council’s waste and recycling team, holds two actions days a month in Chiswick to tackle fly tipping and dumped rubbish.

“The council is acutely  aware of the problem along Chiswick High Road and will work with Hounslow Highways to ensure a robust ‘zero tolerance’ enforcement approach is maintained along this road and prosecute those responsible for fly tipping”.

If you would like to report a fly tip please visit   http://www.hounslowhighways.org/56-fly-tipping.html

July 24, 2014

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