New Plans for Chiswick Roundabout Site Allay Fears of Residents

Developer wants to erect advertising hoardings at abortive Chiswick Curve location

The Chiswick Curve from Strand on the Green

The Chiswick Curve from Strand on the Green


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Planning Application for Tower at Chiswick Roundabout

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Fears of a new attempt to build a skyscraper at the vacant site by Chiswick Roundabout have been allayed after applications were made to put up advertising hoardings around the plot.

Two applications have been made by Starbones Ltd to erect internally illuminated LED advertising screen panels at the site. The application describes them as ‘temporary’ and states that the permission would cover a period of three years.

The previous application for a 32-storey tower at the location was turned down after a report from Council planning officers concluded that the plan would cause ‘substantial harm.’ The report recommended rejection due to the impact that the building would have on a number of local heritage sites particularly Kew Gardens. It also said that the large structure would be "at odds with the wider urban and historic character of the area" and criticised the design saying it was not of the highest quality.

The rejected plan also wanted consent for three illuminated signs on the building. This was refused because "the adverts would undermine the quality of the design of the building and would conflict with the character of the area."

Local residents’ groups have continued to be concerned that a revised scheme of a similar scale would be submitted but are likely to take some encouragement from the application to place advertising hoardings round the site which can be taken as an indication there are no plans currently to restart work on the site.

Kim Gottlieb of Starbones Ltd, the company which owns the site, has told us that this is a temporary measure while they consider the future of the Curve proposal and the site generally.

A view from the A4

A view from the A4 of rejected scheme


April 4, 2017

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