Success For Second Clean Up Chiswick Event

Local councillors and residents show up in force at Chiswick Back Common

councillors clean up
(l-r) Cllrs Biddolph, Todd, Mushiso, and Hearn


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Even more residents showed up to support the second instalment of the Clean Up Chiswick initiative, which this month covered the Chiswick Back Common and the surrounding roads.

The weather conditions were very favourable this time around as the group swelled and welcomed several new faces. Mitra Alam who was one of the first residents to suggest this initiative was on hand alongside six Chiswick Councillors that included Cllrs Hearn, Biddolph, Dennis, Mushiso, Gill and Todd representing all three Chiswick Wards.

The team of volunteers gathered outside Rocks Lane to receive their instructions. They were then sub divided into smaller groups equipped with litter pickers, safety gloves and green refuse bags. Within minutes, the group were scattered across the entire Common. Cllrs Mushiso commented later that ‘The turnout was so impressive that were easily able to sweep Elliott Road, Windmill Road, Chiswick Common Road, Fisher’s Lane and the thick shrubs along the alleyway on Bond Street.’

Cllr Todd on his bike

It was an extraordinary image on a sunny Sunday afternoon to see volunteers armed with green bin bags mixing with sun worshipers and picnickers. Cllr Dennis added, ‘I like to think that the onlookers appreciated our efforts and perhaps for a moment reflected, on their own roles as natural custodians of our shared public spaces and footpaths.’

After the clean the team of volunteers were hosted at Rocks Lane multi sports centre where tea, coffee, cake and homemade pizza were provided. Nearly 40 volunteers in total packed the Rocks Lane as the younger volunteers were able to use the sports facilities to relax with a kickabout on the football pitches.

clean up team get cuppa ad cake
Refreshments for the team of volunteers

Mitra Alam, who took the lead in getting this initiative off the ground alongside Cllr Mushiso said ‘Great turnout of our local councillors and residents and with many thanks to Rocks Lane for their kindness in providing refreshments. A testimony to the community spirit that thrives in Chiswick’

There were additional comments published on the Chiswick W4 website recognising the efforts of the volunteers. Elizabeth Ross wrote, ‘I can vouch for the success of Councillor Ron’s initiative. Enjoying a walk in the sunshine then a spot of shopping, back along Windmill Road, the High Road and Elliot Road to the Common to check on the flower bed. I suddenly realised how clean the streets were. I must have seen at least 4 groups of people with pickers and rubbish bags doing a very thorough clean up.

Thanks to all the volunteers and to the Councillor for his initiative. Chiswick is a better place. Let’s try to keep it that way.’

The next gathering is likely to take place on Sunday 24 March to coincide with the Great Britain Spring Cleancampaign.

February 25, 2019

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