ASBO's for A-Boards

Council informs traders of their Chiswick-wide zero tolerance policy

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Local traders have been informed by Hounslow Council of a‘zero-tolerance’ policy on a-board advertising.

Chiswick traders who use a-boards to advertise their business have been threatened with an £80 fine for their first offence and an ASBO if they re-offend.

One shopkeeper told “A woman from the council came round and took a photo of my a-board which I had just put out. She then told me that if it we were found putting out the board again we would face an £80 fine.”

She continued “We subsequently received a letter from the council outlining their ‘zero-tolerance’ policy on a-boards in Chiswick which stated that if we were discovered re-offending then the £80 fine would be followed with an ASBO.”

Whilst the council insists that this is a Chiswick-wide initiative, it would appear from the evidence on the High Road that it is one that is being more stringently implemented in certain areas.

One trader, who pays rent for the space immediately outside his premises, questioned why tables and chairs are permitted but a board, situated on exactly the same area and promoting his business, would not.

Forum discussions have regularly highlighted the disparity between what some traders are "allowed" to get away with whilst others are heavily penalized.

We asked the council to clarify their position on this issue but they are yet to respond.

February 6, 2007