Abundance Fruit Day On Sunday

At Duke's Meadows Farmers' Market



Abundance Fruit Day will take place this Sunday, 21st October at the Dukes Meadows Farmers’ Market from 10-2 pm. There will be apple juice pressing, a craft stall for children, preserves made from fruit collected in Chiswick, and fun competitions including the Longest Apple Peel, Apple Bobbing, and an Apple Biting contest. You can also bring your own apples for pressing.

At 1 p.m. there will be a Foraging Walk with Sam Sender where natural grown goodies will be discovered. This could include rosehips, mallow (a spinach-like leaf for soup), nettles, which are useful for making string to tie labels, and much more. The walk starts at the Apple Press. Voluntary donation of £5.

More information from abundancebookings@gmail.com

October 19, 2012