Sutton Court Road Collision Prompts Calls for Improved Safety

Passengers had to be cut free from the wreckage of their cars


Photographs by americangrey

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The A4/Sutton Court Road Junction was closed on Thursday evening for some time following yet another serious accident with Police Ambulance and Fire/rescue in attendance.

The incident involving two cars happened at approximately 8.00pm and resulted in two passengers having to be cut free from the wreckage of one of the vehicles before being taken to hospital.

This accident is the latest in a string of incidents and has prompted calls for an urgent and independent assessment of this increasingly dangerous junction.

“Locals have been calling for years now for either filter lights or repeater lights yet the argument keeps coming back that they are either more dangerous or it would reduce the traffic flow along the A4. Something needs to be done before yet more lives are lost because the present solution just doesn’t work” said one resident

The cause of the collision is not yet clear however, a police investigation is currently underway.

November 24, 2006