50ft Fallen Tree Closes Chiswick Mall For Five Hours

During struggle to free trapped vehicles from the incoming tide

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Chiswick Mall was closed for more than five hours on Tuesday (12th May) after a 50ft tree was blown down by high winds trapping two vehicles beneath it.

Simon Clarke told ChiswickW4.com, "These photos I took when a 50ft tree from our garden got blown down by the wind on Tuesday.

"The driver and the passenger of the van narrowly avoided seerious injury as the majority of the weight of the trunk remained on the wall.

"There then followed five hours of chaotic struggling to free the van and another trapped car from the incoming tide. This was achieved by the positive action of two tow truck drivers, the same people that we always curse for impounding illegally parked cars."

Photo courtesy of Simon Clarke

Photo courtesy of Simon Clarke

May 15, 2009