The Not So Fun Of The Fair

Hundreds of residents sign petition to stop damage caused to Acton Green by fun fairs

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A petition with over 150 signatures was presented to Ealing Council this week seeking to avoid further damage being caused to Acton Green.

Over the course of the year a number of fun fairs and a circus are held on the green and local residents have expressed their concern over the condition the area is left in after the vans leave town.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said that he had received a lot of complaints about the noise and the problems with litter and damage to the ground relating to the increasing number of fun-fairs.

He told, "A lot of residents in the area are annoyed at the damage caused by the fun fairs. It appears that the large number of fun fairs and the way the Council do not take charge when the fun fair vans arrives has meant that a lot of damage is caused to the ground."

He added, “I want to see someone from the Council Events team to be present when the fun fair arrived and leaves as well as protective matter placed on the ground so that Acton Green is protected.”

The letter accompanying the petition noted that Acton Green is used extensively by local residents but over recent years many feel that the area has been neglected by the Council. It also noted that there are concerns that the Council is using the Green as a ‘cash cow’ to generate money. This results in the Green being occupied by Fun Fairs causing long term damage to the Green and disturbing people who live on roads including South Parade, Esmond Road, The Orchard, Newton Grove and The Avenue.

Cllr Macolm said, "We do not wish to appear to be killjoys. Many people have indicated that they enjoy the Fairs and take great pleasure in taking their children to a local event rather than travelling into the centre of town. The Green should offer a variety of activities and attractions to a wide range of people. We are more concerned that the Green is being overused to its long term detriment."

April 25, 2009