Angie Bray Hops On Board Bus Debate

Local MP adds her thoughts to the discussion about No.94

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Angie Bray has added her thoughts to the 94 bus debate. As the Council Cabinet prepared to debate the bus terminus issue, she said:

“We all know that the 94 is a treasured bus route for the residents of Southfield. It is vital that we maintain the service. However, the increase in service, particularly at night, and especially over the last six years, has seriously impacted on the quality of life for people living around the terminus.

"It is only right that the Council look at ways to get around this problem and Council officers, in discussion with TfL, have come up with proposals that may improve the situation:

- changing the parking arrangements for the buses;
- making general road improvements;
- introducing hybrid buses on the route, starting next month and rising up to twenty;
- consulting with residents on the possible changes;

and, most importantly, we have persuaded the Council to build in a review after a year, to ensure that any changes that come in not only improve the route, but improve conditions for residents. At that stage, it should be clear, and if there is no noticeable improvement, then it would be imperative that this is looked at again.”

September 14, 2010