Residents To Be Consulted On 94 Bus Terminus

After council decides reversal of the one way system is the way forward

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The issue of Acton Green's 94 bus terminus was discussed at a meeting of Ealing Council's Cabinet on Tuesday 14th September where it was decided that, subject to the outcome of a safety audit, public consultation and funding, Option 3 of the proposals was the best way forward.

Option 3 Reversal of One-Way Operation - This option involves the relocation of bus stops and stands to next to the kerbline along Acton Green on South Parade and the north western kerbline of Acton Green. The flow of traffic would be reversed and the north western arm of Acton Lane would be converted to a one-way street with traffic flowing southbound. The kerb at the north end of Acton Green would be modified to provide the first bus alighting point. Subsequent arriving buses would then use stand (B) and stand (A) in that order which would minimise the number of buses stopping outside properties at the eastern end of the Green.

The kerb on Acton Lane would be built out to provide footway width for boarding pedestrians and wheelchair users and a new bus shelter would be proposed at the pick up point set further along the footway.

In addition, two uncontrolled crossing points would be provided. These would cater for pedestrians crossing South Parade to and from the bus stops.

The parking bays situated along the north eastern kerb line of South Parade would be relocated to behind the existing parking spaces at the junction of Acton Lane and Evershed Walk, increasing the total length of parking by 20m.

The estimated cost for this work would be a little under £75,000.

Acton Green resident Johnathon Watson told "The residents of Acton Green will fight this proposal tooth and nail. There has been no formal communication with residents and the net result is this ridiculous and expensive plan, offering nothing to long suffering residents and the possibility of further expansion of the service."

He continued, "There is perfectly suitable site down next to Chiswick Park station, 300 yards away on Colonial Drive at the bottom of Bollo lane, offering easy access to the tube, Sainsbury's and the High Road."

Southfield Ward Councillor Gary Malcolm said: "In the short term because Transport for London do not wish to look at solving the problem completely by utilising the Chiswick business Park for example the Council needed to do something. We have liaised with the council to ensure that the plan they put forward ensures using hybrid buses (about half as noisy); not reducing the 94 bus frequency; altering the layout around the terminus triangle to reduce other bus related noise; a consultation with local residents and users; and a review after any implementation.

"Being cynical of the bus company on this issue the consultation and then review will allow us to get a good scheme that solves most of the issues and then make further alterations if it fails to please users. Doing nothing is not an option and the hybrid buses should make things much quieter."

Local MP Angie Bray added: “We all know that the 94 is a treasured bus route for the residents of Southfield. It is vital that we maintain the service. However, the increase in service, particularly at night, and especially over the last six years, has seriously impacted on the quality of life for people living around the terminus."

September 17, 2010