BBC Drama Filming Annoys Councillor

Gary Malcolm ' outraged' by allowing crew to park on Acton Green

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A local councillor is up in arms over a proposal to let a film crew park at Acton Green while filming a BBC drama nearby. The crew's white film vans and other equipment are parked on the grass on Acton Green today (Monday November 28th) while they film scenes in Bedford Park.

Councillor Gary Malcolm( Liberal Democrat) said that Ealing Council was hiring out nearby Woodstock Road which would be used for the filming of a television drama, 'Parade's End'.

The Parks department of Ealing Council had confirmed by email to him that the use of Acton Green as a base for crew vehicles and displaced resident vehicles had been allowed.

But Councillor Malcolm argued that this breaks an agreement over usage of the site. The original plan was that usage of Acton Green would be limited because the Green had already been damaged from previous activities, such as funfairs, and needed time to recover.
The area around the Green has also experienced noise from a series of public activities.

"I think this is an outrage. Hiring a street out for filming is okay but to allow Acton Green, which is already damaged from previous activities, to be used as a car park during the filming is a scandal.

I have asked that Council officers should be present throughout the WHOLE period to ensure NO damage is done to Acton Green. I have also asked that a commitment is made so that NO more similar use of Acton Green without the express permission of the Southfield ward councillors. I have not heard a suitable reply." he said.

He has asked residents to report any damage or give feedback on the matter by emailing him at:

November 28, 2011