Bedford Park Signage Row Continues

"Money could have gone on other items to improve area" say Lib Dems

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Although it was removed some time ago the furore over the 'Welcome to Bedford Park' sign continues.

In a recent newsletter to residents Conservatives praised the council's decision to remove the sign prompting Lib Dems Andrew Steed to comment, "We think this is a bit rich as it was the Conservative Council who had the signs installed in the first place!"

He added, “Via a Freedom of Information request we have discovered that the costs involved in the installation and removal of the sign was over £500. Not exactly value for money! That money could have gone on other items to improve the area.”

Branded an 'abomination' by residents, the sign welcoming people to Bedford Park was removed by Ealing Council following numerous complaints.

In correspondence with Leader of Ealing Council Jason Stacey, Bedford Park Society's Peter Murray said that the sign was 'out of character with the area' and claimed it was in contravention of the Council's own management plan."

The council's highways department refused to do remove the sign stating that it was a matter that only Cllr Stacey could decide on.

Cllr Stacey said, "It seems to me not to be an issue that requires the council and residents to fall out over. If the sign is really not wanted then there is no requirement for it to remain and the road can be simply be one of those roads that does not have a 'Welcome to the Borough' sign."

August 27, 2009