The Bad Dads Hit Town !

A local group of dads formed band to play at charitable events

"The common link is that our kids go to the same school. Originally, we got together for a one-off evening which turned into a regular practice session", commented band leader Jeremy Nako.

"From there, we were asked to play a number of charitable fund-raising events, and we all enjoyed the buzz of playing to a live audience."

"It's a great situation for us. We enjoy the music, get pleasure from playing live, and help to raise money for worthwhile causes."

The six-piece band consists of lead, rhythm and bass guitars, keyboard, drums and vocalist.

"We play mostly rock 'n roll music from the last 30 years, including tracks by the Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, the Beatles, Elvis, Dire Straits etc." "We don't charge for our shows. If the event’s finances stretch to covering our costs for the evening then that's great, but we wouldn't turn down a gig if not - that's not the motivation."

“We usually play a couple of 45-minute sets, but we can vary the format to suit the event”, added guitarist Andrew Littlejohns. “Our aim is to get people up and dancing, and we seem to have been pretty successful at that so far. We also have some more up-to-date tracks in our play list, such as Travis, Oasis and Stereophonics.”

The band have created a website to answer questions etc, at If you have a local event where a live band would help in raising money, then feel free to contact the boys, who will help if they possibly can. Contact Jeremy Nako (07768 844 377 or 020 8742 0626) or Andrew Littlejohns (0780 228 3546 or 020 7832 7041) for more details.

August 5, 2003

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