Al Fresco Fiasco For School Barbeque

William Hogarth told nothing but a burger van for Turnham Green

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A primary school has been told that it will not be allowed to host its all important barbeque at its Hawaiian themed fair on Turnham Green.

William Hogarth School will be hosting its annual event on Saturday 19th June to raise money towards buying interactive white boards to use in classrooms.

"We have had a BBQ at the same site for over six years and it is the main money earner for school, in fact last year it was approved by John Laing [who manages the site]" Eileen Atkinson told

"I applied to John Laing in January but have just been told by their events manager yesterday that a BBQ is not allowed. We have paid over £200 for the meat and other equipment for the BBQ. I was told that I can use a burger van if I wanted as this is what the fair ground uses."

She continued, "Apparently this is because of the byelaw, which I can't find any information on. The events manager had told me it was due to the offending smell which the residents have complained about in the past, which to me contradicts the byelaw and also what is the difference between a van selling burgers to a BBQ, they both smell the same?"

Councillors' Objections

Ms Atkinson said that had been told by Laing that Turnham Green Ward Councillors Samantha Davies and Adrian Lee have threatened the company with legal action if they do not enforce the rule.

"I have argued why wasn't I made aware of this at the time of the application? There is no mention of BBQs not being use in Laing's terms and conditions.
Laing have today emailed me to say there is to be no cooking on site, but allow a funfair to do so."

We have asked all parties involved for comment.

June 4, 2010