The residents of the Beaconsfield estate by Acton Lane are increasingly annoyed that nothing is being done about their growing rubbish problem. Resident Derek White has made a series of complaints but the problem has remained. He said, "Exactly what does it take to receive the level of service, hygiene, cleanliness and general quality of living that we are entitled to receive in relation to the service contracts for this estate?"

Increasing piles of unsightly and unhealthy refuse has been building up over the last few weeks as collectors claim they are having trouble getting access.

Mr White says "It highlights the problem that the Residents Association has been trying to bring to the Council's attention for a long time, i.e. during the working day there may be an access problem to the Estate due to unsociable parking. It has been our view that a 'few' commuters use the estate as a car park for their journey to work, via the 94 bus or the tube."

There also used to be a skip supplied to the estate on a regular basis but residents claim that this has been suspended due to cost cutting. Large items like beds are now compounding the existing refuse problem.

The Estate remained awash with rubbish as of Monday evening, 8th July. The estate is in the Ealing Borough area of Chiswick.