Bruce Dickinson Loses His Cool With Fan

Iron Maiden star tells him off for texting during US show

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Neighbours in Chiswick know Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson as a mild-mannered man who does lots of charity work.

But the 53-year old rockstar was in no mood to put up with a fan not paying attention to his set during a US tour.

Newspapers reported that Bruce reacted angrily when he spotted the man texting in the front row during the concert in Indiana. He was just about to launch into the band's classic, 'Wasted Years'.

Bruce bellowed a number of expletives at the shocked fan, pointing him out as ‘ the guy with the bald head in the white shirt” and telling him off for texting during the last three songs.

The Iron Maiden star is not known for his on-stage outbursts despite the band's ferocious image.

Earlier this year the band's album ' The Number of the Beast' was voted Best British Album of the last sixty years in a public vote for a poll conducted by HMV.

In his off-stage life, he is a pilot and has just set up an aerodrome in Wales which is expected to bring in local employment and provide maintenance services to the airline industry.

The project is to be a new focus for the singer, who lost his work as a commercial pilot for Astraeus Airlines last year when the airline collapsed. He heard the news while in the air flying 250 pilgrims from Mecca home to the UK.

He has worked as a commercial pilot for years, having learned to fly in Florida in the 1990s, and in recent years has scaled down his worldwide tours with the heavy metal band.

The Iron Maiden singer, who has lived in Chiswick for many years, and raised a family here, is also an international fencer.

July 25, 2012