Running Out of Options on Turnham Green?

Council makes another attempt to solve traffic problems

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The complex and contentious issue of how to manage bus traffic around Turnham Green has raised its head again with the presentation of yet another option for residents to consider.

The Council originally decided something needed to be done about the jams occuring on Sutton Lane North in 2005. Buses turning right onto Chiswick High Road were causing long queues. After a successful initial consultation a report was presented to the Chiswick Area Committee outlining the relative popularity of 5 options for the management of bus traffic in the area. The consultation gave general support to 'option 1' which involved the reversal of traffic flow on Town Hall Avenue, the road that runs in front of the Church on the green. However, significant concern was expressed by some local residents, particularly about the possibility of traffic queuing on Heathfield Terrace and Sutton Court Road.

A new report is now being presented to the Chiswick Area Committee recommending the adoption of 'Option 6'. This new scheme has been put forward following new proposals to change some local bus routes. There is now a strong possibility that extensions to routes 27 and 440 will take place later this year, which will result in these buses not circulating around Turnham Green.

Route 27 (Chalk Farm to Turnham Green) would be extended to Chiswick Business Park, via Chiswick High Road. This would free up the existing stand on Heathfield Terrace near the Post Office. Chiswick Business Park have completed the bus interchange at the back of the site, designed to accommodate route E10 from Northolt(extended from Ealing Broadway to Chiswick Business Park via Gunnersbury Lane and Bollo Lane) and route 27 from Chalk Farm, via Chiswick High Road. However, access to the interchange adjacent to Buildings 7 & 8 is currently obstructed by construction activities associated with Buildings 8 (just started) and 9 (virtually completed). Construction of Building 7 is not due to commence for some time. The Borough is pressing Stanhope to provide a temporary facility for route 27 to turn and layover, near buildings 8 & 9, to allow the extended service to commence later this year.

Route H91 (Hammersmith to Hounslow West via Wellesley Road and A4 Great West Road) would run directly along Chiswick High Road between Turnham Green and Chiswick Roundabout and would no longer serve Town Hall Avenue, Heathfield Terrace, Wellesley Road and Oxford Road North. Route 440 (Stonebridge Park to Turnham Green) would be extended to
run (under Option 1) via Sutton Lane North, Wellesley Road, Oxford Road North and Chiswick High Road, terminating on Power Road at the junction with Gunnersbury Avenue.

Under option 6 Northbound route 272 would turn right from Sutton Court Road into Heathfield Terrace (as per Option 5) but on reaching Chiswick High Road
would turn left into Chiswick High Road then immediately right into Belmont Road. A new bus stop would be created on Belmont Road in place of the existing three car parking spaces and motorcycle bay.

Northbound route E3 would continue on its existing route but as it would be the only bus using Sutton Lane North there would be a reduction in northbound buses on this
street from 28-32 buses per hour to 8-10 buses per hour. (Additionally, a new timetable for introduction early next year will slightly reduce the E3 frequency to 8-9 buses per hour.)

It is proposed that to allow buses to turn more easily into Belmont Road that this road would be made one-way northbound between Dolman Road and Chiswick High Road. This proposal has already met with opposition. One contributor to the forum said, "There are very few ways for motorists to approach CHR from the north. Deleting one of them – Belmont Rd – would make a difficult situation worse. It would add to the problems at the congested and hazardous Fishers Lane/CHR/Dukes Rd junction, and put additional traffic onto the most congested section of CHR. "

The new option is to be put to the Chiswick Area planning committee on Wednesday 9th July at a meeting starting at 7.30pm at Chiswick Town Hall. If approved work could be underway before Christmas and completed before next March.


July 4, 2008