Cavendish School Fair Banner Slashed

Mindless vandalism mars School's Summer Fair

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Parents, staff and friends of Cavendish Primary School in Chiswick were dismayed when their large red banner announcing the annual Cavendish Summer Fair was slashed to pieces with a knife last Friday night. 

The banner had been attached to the school railings facing the A316, during the run-up to the Fair which took place on Sunday.  Parents attempted to patch together the banner, but it was damaged beyond repair.

The sign had originally been bought with hard-earned PTA funds, and has been used for several years to advertise the school's regular Summer and Christmas Fairs.

The School would be extremely grateful to hear from anyone - or any local business - interested in contributing to a new banner.  A sponsorship arrangement could be considered.

Please direct any correspondence to the Head of Cavendish School at:

Despite the attack the fair itself was a great success. One parent told us, "it was the best ever as far as current parents know as we raised over £3,900. We will be using some of the money for computer leasing. "

July 8, 2004