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New network will provide positive benefits for past and present pupils alike



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Were you a student at Chiswick School? If so we have some exciting news!

We are launching Chiswick School Alumni Society and are hoping to encourage all former students to sign up. As an ex-student we would love to welcome you back to the school as part of our launch event and would be thrilled if you felt able to help our current students who are making decisions about their future. We feel there could be many positive benefits for both ex-students as well as for current students.

The Society plans to use the alumni network to provide students with information about courses and career paths followed by past students. For some it may offer the opportunity to talk to a current university student or to swap emails with someone already established in the kind of work the student may be considering in the future.

The launch of Chiswick School Alumni Society website is very exciting for everyone at Chiswick.

The Director of Sixth Form, Ellie Perkins says: “This is a brilliant idea which is going to provide so many opportunities to past and current students alike . There are so many options when students are trying to decide which path to take in the future. The presence of an active Alumni Society can help to guide and motivate students. The potential created for networking opportunities both amongst everyone enrolled is phenomenal."

As well as tapping into the rich resource of ex-students, the Society is joining forces with the Friends of Chiswick School to raise funds to support the School.

Adam Lee, Chair of the Friends said:“……in these times of cuts everything we can do to supplement the School’s resources helps. The Friends of Chiswick School are a registered charity and work closely with the PTA and School to target funding for specific items that enrich the lives of the students present and future. Recent purchases include outdoor table tennis tables, sewing machines, and recycling equipment. It is open to anyone with an interest in the school who wishes to make a donation, one-off or regular and is a great, easy way to directly support the school. We welcome this new Alumni project and would encourage all who have had success from the school to perhaps consider giving a little something back.”

Head Teacher Tony Ryan welcomes the idea. “It is great opportunity for Chiswick School to reach out to past students and benefit from their achievements and experience. We’re grateful to for helping us to spread the word.”

Please sign up and support the school, tell friends and family about it too.

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, Chiswick School only use alumni data to help connect ex-students with each other and to the School, to gather support for the careers service and for the School's fundraising projects. The information would not be shared.

December 18, 2015

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