Who Was Chiswick Flo?

And who was the young cordwangler that loved her so?

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This is one for all the comedy aficionados, radio enthusiasts and / or Kenneth Williams / Rambling Syd Rumpo fans in W4 - who was Chiswick Flo?

Williams performed the song under the guise of folk singer Rambling Syd Rumpo in the radio comedy series Round the Horne.

The sketches generally began with a short discourse on the nature of the song which would inexorably follow thus earning Rambling Syd Rumpo a place in radio history with masterpieces of suggestiveness and double-entendre.

The songs themselves pushed and extended boundaries of acceptable sexual innuendo way beyond the narrow confines of a Sunday lunchtime radio slot, using nonsense (or little-known) words like 'moolies' and 'nadgers' in suggestive contexts.

In the Ballad of The Woggler’s Mooly [sung to the tune of ‘My Darling Clementine’] Kenneth Williams writes of a young cordwangler Joe who loved a bogler’s daughter called Chiswick Flo.

There’s no prize other than the glory of being the person with the best suggestion of who was Chiswick Flo. Please email submissions to editor@chiswickw4.com and we will publish the best (and cleanest) ones at a later date.

The Ballad of The Woggler's Mooly by Kenneth Williams

Joe, he was a young cordwangler,
Munging greebles he did go,
And he loved a bogler's daughter
By the name of Chiswick Flo.

Vain she was and like a grusset
Though her gander parts were fine,
But she sneered at his cordwangle
As it hung upon the line.

So he stole a woggler's mooly
For to make a wedding ring,
But the Bow Street Runners caught him
And the judge said "He will swing."

Oh, they hung him by the postern,
Nailed his mooly to the fence
For to warn all young cordwanglers
That it was a grave offence.

There's a moral to this story,
Though your cordwangle be poor,
Keep your hands off other's moolies,
For it is against the law.

May 21, 2008