Ziggy Calls For Peace In Europe

Dancing street sweeper's hope for a better future for us all

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His controversial departure made the national press and left a void in the lives of those who either knew him or who enjoyed his footwork from afar.

Now back home in Poland, Ziggy Dust has written to express his thanks for all those who made his time in Chiswick such a positive experience.

He writes, "I love England, I love Poland and I try to respect all nations in the world. England gave me a chance, a job, and possibilities to create and grow. I could feel progress in my life. I changed my life, step by step. England helped me stand.

"I met a lot of friendly and very positive people. My company, my bosses, my English, Polish and other international friends at work, and most of all my friends from Chiswick where I was working who have great positivity and great hearts.

"Everywhere I met such tolerance and good reactions, such as letting me dance during my work, and prove that I did my job just as well as other street cleaners. At this moment I'd like to say thank you."

He went on to add that he felt the need to be away from the "strange political sounds of my situation" and said that he didn't want to be used as a "pawn for antagonism".

He concluded, "I know we face a hard economical situation in the EU but first what we really need is peace."

February 3, 2009