I’m A Celebrity – Let Me Off With It!

Declan Donnelly shows it’s possible to avoid getting a parking ticket in Chiswick

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Parking tickets have long been one of Chiswick residents’ main grievances. Great discussions have ensued on the forum over fines from CCTV cameras, loading bays, just about anywhere along Turnham Green Terrace and in even during two minute silences, although that one was in fact categorically disproved.

Now it seems that one half of W4’s much loved TV twosome, Declan Donnelly, might have trumped all expert local knowledge of ticket related issues by showing us how to avoid getting towed

According to the Daily Star, a local resident caught Dec on camera parking his BMW on a junction close to his home in Chiswick.

The resident claimed to be ‘outraged’ as he watched two PCSOs let the TV presenter off without a fine. He told the Daily Star, “If I’d left my car there they would have thrown the book at me – and rightly so. There were plenty of spaces available but Dec just strolled off after parking, blocking the bend. Then he just wandered into a pal’s house it was unbelievably arrogant.”

The resident told the newspaper how the PCSOs were forced to knock on doors looking for Dec. He said, “It was only after knocking on several doors in the street that they found him. When they saw who it was, they just had a quick word with him and let him drive off. They were probably star struck – it’s outrageous!”

So there is the answer to all of Chiswick’s ticketing woes. If you want to avoid getting fined for bad parking, simply dress up as a 5 foot 6 inch Geordie and don your best cheeky smile!

A spokesman for the Police said that all officers were encouraged “to use their discretion when dealing with minor transgressions”.

March 19, 2009