Age of Stupid Star Pete Postlethwaite Awarded Green OBE

Actor recognised for his 'Outstanding Bravery for the Earth’

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Pete Postlethwaite, star of new climate movie The Age of Stupid, was taken by surprise during a ‘question time’ session this week.

After the special screening he attended, he was awarded a new ‘OBE’ by Chiswick's Katie Keegan of One Green Earth and 'Carbon Coach' Dave Hampton on behalf of all those calling for more urgent action to reduce greenhouse emissions, and as part of the NOT STUPID campaign.

The Award (hand crafted with 98% recycled materials) - dubbed The People’s OBE – for ‘Outstanding Bravery for the Earth’ – was in recognition of Pete’s pledge made at the Premiere of the film to return his OBE to Her Majesty the Queen if the government gives the go-ahead, later this year, to the controversial Kingsnorth coal - fired power station in Kent.

On being presented with the ‘Gong’, Pete said, "Well if I do, (have to lose the other OBE in protest) I've got a fantastic substitute!"

Carbon Coach Dave Hampton said, “Pete seemed touched, not to mention surprised at the size of the gong! Adding, “I don't have an MBE/OBE, but if I did, I would seriously be thinking about matching Pete's pledge? Wouldn’t you?”

Katie added, "We are appealing to other appointed OBEs (MBEs,CBEs,KBE's,GBE's! to join Pete in his pledge to put pressure on the government to take real action at the G20 and to prevent the Kingsnorth coal powerstation being built."

March 26, 2009