Chiswick Headquarters Remain Empty and £28m Debts Go Unpaid

But Grant Bovey and TV presenter wife Anthea Turner are back in the property business

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The Chiswick offices of their failed property company remain empty and reported debts totalling £28m including wages owed to staff are still unpaid but that’s no deterrent for Grant Bovey and his TV presenter wife Anthea Turner who are now back in business.

Once the biggest bespoke property company in Britain, Imagine Homes with headquarters on Hogarth Roundabout, crashed last year, leaving huge debts and 140 employees looking for new jobs.

According to Daily Mail, to the fury of those to whom Bovey still owes money, he has simply started up another property company, leaving them permanently out of pocket from his last one.

The Distressed Property Company aims to market new homes that developers are desperate to off-load. Bovey hopes to buck the economic trend, buying at the low end of the market and then selling when prices rise.

However, the article also notes that Bovey is a serial offender at launching businesses and then simply moving on when they go bust, leaving a trail of debts.

During his long history as a 'businessman', Bovey has run boutiques, internet firms, a video production firm and even a karaoke company. Many went bust, with scores of people left thousands of pounds out of pocket.

He has even been under investigation by the Department of Trade and Industry, which considered banning him from holding company directorships after yet another business went into administration in 2001.


May 7, 2009