Clare Balding Being Treated For Thyroid Cancer

Chiswick commentator faces further treatment after two operations

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Chiswick resident Clare Balding has revealed she is battling thyroid cancer. The 38 year-old, who spends much of her leisure time walking her dog Archie in the grounds of Chiswick House where she married her long term partner Alice Arnold, has undergone two operations already and is facing further treatment for the condition.

It is claimed that she had an initial throat operation in April to remove a cyst but a second operation was necessary to remove her thyroid gland, which was also cancerous.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Clare said, "At the moment I sound like Kermit. So far there have been no real side effects. I've been wheezing slightly but other than that I feel fine. My main worry is my voice because that is what I do.

"The BBC told me to take as much time off as I like but they know me – I'd feel worse if I took time off."

She is expected to undergo radioactive iodine treatment next month, but will be on our screens this Saturday for the Derby. Although it is safe to say that Clare will not be making any comments about any part of any jockey's anatomy following the flood of complaints over her comment to Liam Treadwell about his teeth.

One her official website she wrote, "Please know that I never intended any harm and did not draw attention to his teeth in any way to humiliate him. I actually thought he'd had his teeth knocked out and in a fall, so was trying to do something to show how tough jockeys are and how lacking in vanity compared to other professionals.

"I realise that this did not come across as I intended and for that, I apologise. I made this clear to Liam on Saturday and spoke to him again on Monday morning, when he told me that he was fine about the whole thing, not at all offended - that had been my main worry as his feelings were the priority throughout.

"The reason I did not make any other calls on Monday, did not appear on the radio to defend myself or make any further statements was that I was not in a fit position to do so. I was in hospital, having a cyst removed from my thyroid gland and being prepared for a general anaesthetic. I consequently missed most of the discussion."

June 6, 2009